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Hyrbid Clouds and What they Can Be Used For

Cloud computing is now the new way of doing business in the world. Unlike in the traditional computing, where an organization had to buy all computing infrastructure such as hardware, software, and all their accessories, cloud computing offers all these services to any organization that subscribes. According to experts, the basic goal of this technology is to efface the huge budget organizations have to go through when buying and installing computing products. Cloud computing is basically divided into two namely private cloud computing and public cloud computing. The use of both private and public cloud computing is known as hybrid cloud computing.

In hybrid cloud computing, an organization combines both the services provided by private and public cloud. This model is becoming an increasing preferred model among organizations because of the need to remain secure. And therefore, in most cases, an organization will have their essential and sensitive tasks operating in private clouds, while their general tasks operating on a public clouds. Alternatively, some organizations only subscribe to public cloud services in case of demands. The interconnection between the two clouds (Private and public) is usually carried out on an encrypt connection which allows exchange of data as well as applications. It is good to say that these two clouds are always distinct and run independently-only a connection makes them hybrid.


Benefits of hybrid cloud computing

It is undeniable that hybrid cloud computing has introduced new benefits in the computing world as compared to both public and private cloud computing.

  • Security- with this technology, gone are the days when an organization would fully commit her services to a public utility. Alternatively, a company only submits that which they deem as general while preserving their sensitive information. Furthermore, in case of any loss of data or services, this technology is efficient in enabling great recoveries.
  • Cost effective- this technology saves an institution from having to undergo extra budget of buying computing infrastructure by allowing you to fully access them on a public domain. Additionally, it allows them access powerful and expensive applications which would have been otherwise expensive to buy.
  • Scalability- With hybrid cloud computing, you can take advantage of both the computing sizes provided by private and public clouds. This is because public clouds usually provide a limit to its services.
  • Flexibility- this technology allows you to introduce any new services quickly and have them run.

Whether a business is small, medium or large, the benefits provided are the same.



Different therapies for you


Therapy is what comes after you were diagnosed with certain illness or condition, and can vary depending on the problem you have. There are many things that happen to a person and depending on the problem – we conduct different therapies. Different therapies have different goals and different methods. So, what kinds of therapy are out there?

Abortive therapy – this type of care has the stopping the illness or problem progression in order to prevent it from getting worse. In this case, patient is already diagnosed with the problem and now the steps are made in order to stop it from developing. An example of such a therapy is a medicine taken in order to stop the infection or disease from spreading further. Early treatment in AIDS patients will ensure better life quality and longer life.

craniosacraltherapy1014_665179Curative therapy – the most common and the one we understand the best – this therapy won’t treat the effects of the problem, but rather concentrate on the problem trying to eliminate it. Imagine, if you will, the flu. Rather than dealing with runny nose or cough, doctors will give you antibiotics in order to stop the virus and make you better. That is the power of curative therapy.

Salvage therapy – after one or few therapies were tried and failed the salvage therapy is something like the last therapy that will be attempted. It’s usually the one that was the most aggressive or dangerous, which placed it to the last place and after other options are spent, this one is used.

optSupportive therapy – one that you must have undertaken at least once. This type of help doesn’t aim to heal you but deals with the symptoms, trying to make your sick time more bearable and enjoying. It’s opposite of curative therapy – it’s what your mother did when you had the flu. Besides taking shots or pills, you drank hot soup or tablets to help your throat feel better. This therapy has the most effect on the patient’s condition at the time of applying and it is the one whose results you can feel immediately.

Systematic therapy – this form of therapy seeks to completely recover and affect the patient. Through this therapy, all aspects of patients body are taken into consideration and they are treated that way. In another sense, systematic therapy can be looked as a way of healing people in groups, making them fight the problem together and involve them in the other’s healing process. This way, people are banded in communities and add both physical as well as psychotherapeutic effects to their therapy.

drugTreatments-300x204Drug therapy – this form of therapy includes the drug administration to patients in order to benefit their health status or fight the bad influences. Drugs can make the immune system stronger or simply kill of certain kind of virus or bacteria.

Device therapy – the form of therapy that doesn’t use drugs but instead uses different types of medical devices that help patients. This therapy is mostly used on patients with bone or spine disorders and illnesses affecting them.